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    Dario™ supports volume limited devices. However if you received an error message “Error: Please ensure that there are no volume limitations in the device settings”, please follow the instructions below to change the volume limitation settings on your device. Please change the settings one by one. You may check at any step if error message was resolved. For further assistance please contact Dario Support team:


    No, DarioTM uses smart mobile device power.

    No, DarioTM is ready for use. DarioTM has a short sign-up process.

    DarioTM smart meter follows the ISO 15197:2013 exacting accuracy requirements. Control solution is available in your kit in situations when you might want to recheck the accuracy.

    Using test strips that are expired can cause your results to be inaccurate. If your test strips have expired, throw them away and begin using a new cartridge of strips that have not expired.

    No, DarioTM uses smart mobile device memory and cloud base database to record all your information and pictures.

    The DarioTM SW can be downloaded from the App Store free of charge. DarioTM smart meter is available at pharmacies. For more, details contact your DarioTM local representative.

    This version is compatible with both iOS and Android smart mobile devices. For the full list of supported devices go to the Getting Started section under Support.

    Certain substances can interfere with the blood glucose system and cause falsely high results. For more information, refer to the test strip package insert. If you are taking medication or dietary supplements, consult your doctor. You should not use this system to test your blood glucose if you are critically ill (examples include: severe hypotension or shock, hyperglycemic-hyperosmolar state, hypoxia, diabetic ketoacidosis). Certain health conditions, such as serious illness and dehydration, can cause falsely high test results in glucose meters. Avoid using the DarioTM if you are very sick or think you are dehydrated.

    DarioTM smart meter test time is approximately 6 seconds.